Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula

Ayurvedic Postpartum healing is a 5,000 year old practice for nourishing new mothers back to health. This tradition believes that if a new mother is properly taken care of during the postpartum period it will greatly and positively effect her next 42 years. The practice of nourishing the new mother brings the entire family into harmony. It is recognized that if the new mother is in good health and well being than the entire household including the new born is. This care empowers a new parent by guiding them into there best health leaving them with the strength, energy and patience to care for there newborn. This is done through, nourish food, herbs, meditation and bodywork. Experiencing these practices can also give the new parent tools to continue to use after the postpartum stage.

-Current Bodywork Offerings 
All Bodywork is done in your home. I find this very important during this stage of a new parents healing and release any excess stress of childcare.

Postpartum Herbal Compress Massage 

2 days to 1 week postpartum. A combination of Thai and Ayurvedic traditional healing for a brand new parent. This service if meant to release excess dampness/ discharge from the womb. Aids in helping the uterus to shrink and lessen bleeding. The herbs used in the compress are fresh and aid in any inflammation or pain post giving birth. This service is done in your home and is 75 minutes. Please note that this service is not for those that had a cecesrean birth. $160

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Oil Massage

This luxurious and healing treatment can be done as soon as 1wk after birth or 3weeks post cesarean birth.The purpose for oil massage post birth is to ground your energy down and nourish your entire body through the skin. This treatment replenishing to your energy and can aid in more restful sleep. This service is done in the home and package rates are available. $150

Womblifting / Thai abdominal Massage.

Taught by a wise Thai traditional midwife this treatment is done 4 wks post birth. The focus is in the name as this service lifts the womb back into place post baby. Receiving this treatment can  decrease chances of incontinence, floating uterus, and excess fluid or air creating discomfort. It is done in the comfort of your home and last 2-3 hours, finishing with a warm herbal compress on the belly. $210

*Please note: Packages available for all services or discounted rate for all three services. Each service also comes with a warm herbal tea to aid in your postpartum healing.

In Home Care

Beyond bodywork I offer hourly postpartum care. This care is still rooted in my Ayurvedic training with options for healing meals. Beyond nutrition I offer light housecleaning, laundry and daily tidying so you can fully rest. Bodywork and hourly care can be combined. The hourly rate is $28.00 Any food for meals will be reimbursed in full.

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