1 Free Meet & Greet
This can be done in person or over the phone. Its purpose is to initially meet each other, talk about your specific needs and expectations for a doula, and confirm that we are the right fit for each other!





1-2 Prenatal Visits
Lets get the good vibes flowing, and get you excited for your birth! These meetings are individually customized to you and your family, and are for us to get to know one another. This is a time for me to learn how I can best support you. During these meetings we will discuss and celebrate your pregnancy! We will talk about the journey of growing your little baby and what your visions are for birth. We may address concerns you have surrounding the birth, discuss previous birth and pregnancy stories, talk about your preferences for this birth, and answer any questions you may have. At our final prenatal appointment, we will have the opportunity to learn and practice labor management, comfort measures and techniques. Partners are welcome to every meeting and are encouraged to attend!


One half off Pre-Natal or Postpartum Massage

You will receive one bodywork service of your choice half off. 

24/7 Contact Support
From the moment you choose me as your doula, I am available for any questions, concerns or just a listening ear via calls/text/email. 

On-call From 38 Weeks Until You Deliver
Once we enter an agreement with one another, I pledge to be readily available and on-call for your birth the 2 weeks leading up to your due date, until your baby is born. I also make every effort to be available for pre-term births and provide experienced back up in the event I am unavailable.

Continuous Labor Support
Unique from the support of nurses, midwives, and doctors, I will be there offering continuous labor support from the time you call me over, throughout the labor and birth, then 1-2 hours postpartum. My support as your doula is individualized for each family depending on your particular needs and preferences. Comfort measures I provide include but are not limited to:

  • counter pressure

  • massage (my specialty!) 

  • heat & cold therapy

  • position changes

  • breathing techniques & imagery

  • emotional support

  • breastfeeding support and golden hour bonding

  • involvement guidance to partner & family members

  • other techniques as necessary     

Postpartum Visit
You just went though a huge transformation! The purpose of these visits is to check in and see how you, your baby and family are doing. Here we may discuss your reflections on the birth, new life adjustments, basic newborn care, and additional breastfeeding support. 


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