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I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, A Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist, Yoga teacher, Doula, and life time student. I started my journey graduating from Connecticut's Center for Massage Therapy in 2012 completing 720 hours. Since graduating, I have worked in a variety of environments expanding my experience with an array of clientele, and finding my passions. I have continued my education in bodywork through Myofacial release, Thai massage, Ayurvedic Bodywork, Thai Abdominal Massage, and Eastern cupping. 


I completed the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training through All That Matters in Wakefield RI. I had no intentions on teaching but through the experience, I decided teaching was a passion. We focused on Kirpalu based yoga, really emodying all the "Koshas." The Koshas are energetic layers of sheaths that move from the outermost layer of skin to the deep spiritual core. The koshas provide a framework for conceptualizing ourselves. Much like the chakra system, the Kosha layers come packaged with their own individual physiological function and psychology. This heightened my awareness of the body, holding patterns, and ways to release chronic stress, allowing me to link this knowledge into my bodywork. Since becoming a doula my focus with yoga has been teaching Pre and Post Natal encompassing all my passion in that area.


After working with pregnant women through massage for so many years, I discovered my path as a Doula. Assisting women through the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey. I attended my first birth before I took my training, and that experience completely solidified this path. I was in awe and felt so focused on the mama and what I could do to make her experience positive.I trained with DONA for my Birth Doula certification. After completing I had the joy of working with and mentoring with Susan Cline Lucey of Evolution in Burlington VT. Learning for a practiced person has always brought be the deepest knowledge. It was through her studio that I was able to expand on my teachings of pre and post natal yoga as well. 

My post partum doula training was through Ayurdoula. Weaving in Ayurvedic traditions of healing a new mother through food, movement, and bodywork. I enjoy empowering a new parent to feel well enough to take care of there new born. I was also privileged enough to travel to Thailand and study with a traditional midwife. From Homprang I learned valuable techniques for postpartum healing incorporating herbs and bodywork.

This path of healing as also brought me to one of my greatest joys in the teachings from plants. I am a student of Gaia School of Healing with the incredible Sage Maurer. This path interweaves all of my teachings and trickles into all of my offerings.

One of my main focuses during any session,is for the client to completely surrender, and receive. I want to empower you to the wisdom every body has to heal itself. 


  • 200 hr YTT Wakefield RI                                   

  • Ayurvedic Bodywork, Sacred Stone Academy 

  • Integrated Manual Therapy, Bloomfield CT

  • Thai Massage 1 and Advanced with Rob Martin

  • Klose, Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist

  • Birthing Gently, DONA, labor Training

  • Birthing Gently, Breastfeeding for professionals

  • Birthing Gently, into to early childhood education

  • Ayurdoula, post partum doula

  • Womb lifting, Thai abdominal massage

It is a complete joy to be offering my passions as my work here in Rhode Island

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